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In a society where the job market is less than favorable, Bizibid was created as a marketplace that links millions of job seekers around the world with unlimited work opportunities. Bizibid doesn't stop there, offering the ability for job posters to not only provide jobs to their neighbors but take advantage of huge savings in the process. The concept is simple! Search the marketplace for a job that's right for you and then accept the posted price. From lawn care service to hosting a dinner party, bringing gas to a stranded motorist or sending someone to pick your groceries, the possibilities are endless!

About The Founders

Staying connected to the latest in cutting edge technology and innovation is nothing new to Ryan Glen and Bizibid Co-Founder Gary Nunley, Jr. Aside from Bizibid both entrepreneurs run their own successful software development companies where they specialize in mobile development. Ryan was recently honored at the White House and United Nations Headquarters for his company G&G Games. His hit mobile word game app UnWord has been played in over 200 countries around the world. Gary is the founder and CEO of SGM Games and College Connection (the mobile app that connects campus and community).

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